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5 Tips to Overcome the Humid Bedroom

5 Tips to Overcome the Humid Bedroom
Tips to overcome the damp bedrooms need to know immediately. The layout of the rear room with no windows and is adjacent to the bathroom would cause the room humid. Especially when there are gutters leak. more higher the moisture content in the air in your room. Atmosphere stuffy room with no air changes of this kind is certainly not convenient.

The rooms were damp will cause peeling walls and create odor because of the fungus. Besides wood furniture in the rooms is also easily weathered. Humid this kind are less healthy for the occupants of the room. Humid could trigger respiratory illness. Therefore, you need to immediately address the issue bedrooms were damp. Here we summarize tips to overcome humid room.

Search Source Humidity
Cause humid room there are a lot of things. Among them is the absence of sunlight or slit into the room. Moreover, the absence of air changes are the main causes humid room. Owning a home in urban areas it is difficult to have a large area to the existence of the park or the air gap on the inside of the house.

So the rearmost position tends to damp space because there are no windows and sunlight. It could get worse when there are leaky gutter pipes or cracked tiles. You have to act before an occupant health is deteriorating. When you have a back room without a gap change of air, you can do some things as the following:

For the problem of lack of sun exposure, you can work around this by replacing the four tiles on the damp room with glass tile. Do not forget the home-sized holes in asbestos square on top of the glass tile. This could help sunlight entering the humid room every afternoon. So that the moist air can be reduced.

For the problem of leaking pipes, leaking pipes immediately fix their gutters. If allowed to continue will cause severe leak and damage the walls and make the paint peel. Besides the furniture in the room joined affected and easily weathered.

Looking for the cause and find a solution is the most effective way to create a humid room in your home can be addressed immediately.

Ventilation Rate
Tips to overcome humid room the second is to create ventilation. If not possible vent out because the house attached to the neighbor’s house, create vent above the door. The existence of important ventilation for air circulation. The following general rules create ventilation in the room:

Measure ventilation. Limitation of minimum ventilation area is 15 percent of the size of the floor of the room. Size incidental ventilation holes at least five per cent of the floor area.
The flow of incoming air should face each other (cross ventilation), but if not possible, a vent above the door the better it is. This can be circumvented by adding an exhaust fan which we will discuss later.
The ventilation function is to assist the circulation of air out and reduces humidity.
After ventilation installation , there is one more item that you can use to reduce the humidity in the bedroom.

Replace Exhaust Fan
Different exhaust fan with a fan. Exhaust fan shaped like a fan but had two rounds mode that can suck the air in the room and threw them outside. So use the exhaust fan can make a room moist air to be reduced and make the room air becomes cooler. Estimated price exhaust fan is 350 thousand to 500 thousand, depending on the size and brand selected. There are three types of exhaust fan by way of installing it, namely:

Ceiling mounted. Exhaust of this type installed in the ceiling of the house
Wall mounted. Exhaust this type grown in the wall
Window mount. Exhaust of this type installed in the jamb or the ventilation holes.
The third type of exhaust fan has the same functionality. For the easiest way to install, certainly window mount options. For rooms that absolutely no air flow out, ceiling mount or type of exhaust fan mounted in the ceiling of the house is the best choice.

Wear Cat Wall Anti Damp
The rooms were damp would make dull-colored walls as overgrown mushrooms. In addition it will be easier to peel paint and cement walls fall. This can be caused stucco walls are not waterproof so the pouring rain to seep between the pore walls. Cracked walls also need to be alert. Therefore, we recommend the walls need to be reinforced with a layer of cement to be more waterproof because the pore walls do not absorb water.

Next, you need to paint the walls with waterproof paint. Some waterproof paint that you can use is the No. paint Drop, Elatex waterproof, Welproff, Aquaproof, Top Seal, ULTRAPROOF. Waterproof paint that contains elastic and waterproof. It is suitable for use outside wall coating, asbestos, zinc, concrete and terracotta surface.

5 Use Absorbent Moist Air
Tips to overcome bedroom is to use an absorbent moist humid air. There are many types of absorbent moisture present in the room that you can choose. Starting from packing up the room absorbent absorbent natural air.

Absorbent packaging room there are many kind on the market. There is a form of lime or powder. Put this packaging products in the corner of the room humid. Lime and powder therein will absorb the moisture content of the air. Furthermore, lime and serbukyang has absorbed the water will turn into a gel. After installation of one month, you need to replace it with a new one because it is no longer effective is placed in damp rooms. Some product packaging that you can get at the store is Good Water Absorption, Top Dry Gel, or Sicca Gel.

Absorbent natural room there are several items. Ie limestone chalk, charcoal, coarse salt. The third object of this nature can be found in a nearby store. The advantages of such objects is to be used repeatedly. You just put a container of charcoal / lime lime / coarse salt in the corner of the room humid. After one month, you stay dry them back. Once dry, you can use again. Not saving enough?

Thus five tips to overcome the bedrooms were damp. May be useful.