Aug 11

Bank Find – Check if Your Bank is Insured by FDIC

Bank Find

FDIC Bank Find allows you to locate a single FDIC-insured institution by entering one or more of the criteria below. If more than one institution meets the criteria you enter, you will be provided with a list of institutions that met your criteria. Bank Find can answer questions such as: Is My Bank Insured? Where are My Bank’s Branches Located? Where is My Bank’s Home (Main) Office Located? What is My Bank’s Web Site Address? What Happened to My Bank (Historical List of Events)? Does My Bank have a New Name? Is My Bank Still Open? And More.

Demographic information is updated weekly


You must make at least one entry into the Bank Find form.
Zip Code can be all five digits or the leading three or four digits that are common to several zip code areas.
Before searching for insured banks, please read important text that is accessed by clicking on the Bank Find Disclaimer and Notes.

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