Oct 04

Administrative steps to request a credit for reform

We’ve all dreamed of doing some renovation at home to see her more beautiful, modern and current. Brief comments on these preliminary steps that must be carried and which banks offer the best Credit couple home finance reform .

Permissions reforms

The first thing you should consider is what kind of reform is going to do.

Minor works : are changes in floor tiles, paint or wall papering , changes of internal doors , kitchen furniture , walls distribution changes .

These do not require permits the City Council, although some localities require notification in a simple list of what is reform . The City issued a permit for minor work .

Major works : involve changes in the facade or the building structure as well as in public areas: exterior windows , alterations to plumbing and electricity, housing upgrades that affect the eye area or common areas .

These reforms require greater work permit and visa project architect . It also must pay a fee which varies by location.
Community and containers

Both major and minor works may be required for the authorization of the homeowners if the bylaws so require.

Also in both cases you must request track occupancy permit to place the dumpster . For this permit fees are paid some amount of which will depend on the type of road and the estimated time of the work.
Financing for reforms

Now is the time to choose among several reforms quotes from companies that suits our needs , go to the bank and bring the budget to the application.

Other loans, BBVA is the home reform with which you get a 10 percent discount on purchases of Leroy Merlin.

The maximum amount is € 60,000 with a repayment term of 10 years .

– Loan Reform CaixaGuissona offers a fixed rate for a term of five years . The effective annual rate is 7.02 %, with the amount to be financed must be between 3,000 and 45,000 euros.
No commissions . You can make partial repayments.

Green Credits BBK home finance reforms aimed at increasing energy efficiency appliances or switch to other low power ( energy class A) . The line includes loans for green cars ( electric and hybrid ) .

It is included changing other old windows with double glazing and thermal break and the installation of condensing boilers to power exceeding 70kw with Class 5 NOx emissions .
The maximum amount is 60,000 euros with a term of 120 months.

The average interest rate on loans for reforms in general is between 7 and 9 % plus the origination fee ( between 0.5 and 2.5 % ) .